Wright County Fair
July 11-16, 2018

Fair Board & Staff

Officers & Directors:
  • President Brian Worden
  • Vice President Brad Grandgeorge
  • Manager Tricia Rosendahl
  • Treasurer Deb Vance
  • Secretary Shorty Anderson
Directors - Terms Expire 2018
  • Shorty Anderson Clarion
  • Marty Brandt Clarion
  • Kim Heller Clarion
  • Allison Whaley Eagle Grove
Directors - Terms Expire 2019
  • Deb Vance Eagle Grove
  • Pete Hunter Clarion
  • Travis Tate Renwick
  • Don Grandgeorge Woolstock
Directors - Terms Expire 2020
  • Brian Worden Belmond
  • Rodney Legleiter Kanawha
  • Angela Charlson Belmond
  • Brad Grandgeorge Eagle Grove
Your 2018 Fair Board

Wright County Fair
PO Box 125
1000 E. Broadway St.
Eagle Grove, IA 50533
Phone: 515-448-3351
Email: wrightcofair@wmtel.net
Wright County Extension Office
210 First St. SW
Clarion, IA 50525-0433
Phone: 515-532-3453
Fax: 515-532-3415
Superintendents of Departments

Brian Worden, Bruce Meyer, Don Grandgeorge, Stu Swanson, Wayne Watts

Don Grandgeorge, Shorty Anderson, Travis Tate

Kim Heller, Denise Hocraffer, Joel Morrical, Loren Wenzel

Kim Heller, Shorty Anderson, Allison Whaley, Wendy Brandt

Marty Brandt, Pete Hunter

Marty Brandt, Kim Heller

Small Animals
Angela Charlson, Rodney Legleiter, Deb Vance

Jessica Norman

Open Horticulture
Barb Ainger, Marla Hill

Open Arts & Crafts
Shorty Anderson, Deb Vance, Judy Kirstein

Queen Committee
Kim Heller, Jenny Kreitlow, Lisa Hill

4-H Department
Jessica Norman, Kelly Grandgeorge, Sarah Seymour, Abby Stanek

Free Stage Entertainment
Fair Board

Exhibitor Buildings & Outside Exhibits
Tricia Rosendahl

Sale & Arena
Travis Tate, Brian Worden, Deb Vance

Fair Veterinarian
Goldfield Veterinary Clinic

4-H Club Leaders

Marcie Brodersen, Tim Woodin, Jim Mewes

Iowa Hawkeyes
Karla Pals, Tyrell Watts

Lake Clovers
Melissa Hackley

Liberty Pathfinders
Lynn Seaba, Jennifer Rasmussen

Wright County P.I.G.
Stuart Swanson

Wright Warriors
Bryan Whaley, Allison Whaley

4-H & Youth Committee
Melanie Olson, Jeff Watne, Colleen Koester, Katie Holmes, Kalli Olson, Rachel Martens, Kelli Holmes

County 4-H Teen Council
Chloe Brodersen, Sarah Seaba, Ryan Watne, Matt Jacobsen, Gabby Hackley, Emily Kapka, Phoebe Sanders, Lindsey Watne, Hannah Jo Gustafson-Hodson, Jon Koester, Hannah Demory, Caleb Jacobsen, Shea Whaley, Kara Legleiter

Wright County Extension Council
Cindy Anderson, Heather Christensen, Katie Meyer, Ben Lindaman, Molly Wilson, Ashley Recknor, Rachel Sido, Rodney Legleiter, Grant Woodley

Ag-Ed FFA Advisors
Debbie Barkela, Angela Charlson

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