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July 9th - 14th, 2024
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Iowa Youth Code of Ethics

Youth are expected to be sincere, honest and act in sportsmanlike ways at all times. Youth represent the entire program and their behavior reflects on their parents, leaders, club and the entire youth program. All adults involved with the youth program, leaders as well as parents, are expected to set positive examples and serve as positive role models by what they say and do. Any youth who breaks the code of ethics or allows another person (adult or peer) to talk them into violating the code of ethics agrees to forfeit all prizes, awards, and premiums. The youth may also be prohibited from exhibiting at this and future exhibitions including the Iowa State Fair and other county, state or regional exhibitions.

Youth agree to follow these guidelines:
  1. I will do my own work, appropriate for my age and physical and mental development. This includes research and writing of exhibit explanations, preparing exhibits (such as sewing, cooking, refinishing, etc.), care and grooming of animals, etc. Adult assistance should help guide and support me, not do it for me.

  2. All exhibits will be a true representation of my work. Any attempt to take credit for other’s work, alter the conformation of animals, or alter their performance is prohibited. Copyright violation or allowing others to complete your exhibit is considered misrepresentation and is prohibited.

  3. I will treat all people and animals with respect. I will provide appropriate care for animals

  4. I will present exhibits that are safe for consumption. All food exhibits will be safe to exhibit and for judges to evaluate. Other exhibits will be safe for judges to evaluate and for exhibition.

  5. All food animals that may be harvested immediately following the show shall be safe for consumers, and shall have met all withdrawal times for all medications, and be free of violative drug residue.

  6. If any animal requires medical treatment while at the fair or exhibition, only a licensed veterinarian may administer the treatment. All medications that are administered shall be done according to the label instructions of the medication used.

  7. My animal’s appearance or performance shall not be altered by any means, including medications, external applications and surgical procedures. Any animal that is found to have changed its appearance or its performance shall be disqualified from the show, and have penalties assessed against the exhibitor, parent and/or guardian by the management of the fair or exhibition.

  8. I will follow all ownership and possession rules and, if requested, will provide the necessary documentation.

  9. I will follow all livestock health requirements for this fair or exhibition, according to the state health requirements as printed in the premium book for the fair or exhibition. I will provide animal health certificates from a licensed veterinarian upon request form the management of the fair or exhibition.

  10. By my entering an animal in this fair or exhibition, I am giving consent to the management of the fair or exhibition to obtain any specimens of urine, saliva, blood, or other substances from the animal to be used in testing. If the laboratory report on the analysis of any sample indicates a presence of forbidden drugs, this shall be evidence such substance has been administered to the animal either internally or externally. It is presumed that the sample tested by the laboratory to which it is sent is the one taken from the animal in question, its integrity is preserved and all procedures of said collection and preservation, transfer to the laboratory and analysis of the sample are correct and accurate and the report received from the laboratory pertains to the sample taken from the animal in question and correctly reflects the condition of the animal at the time the sample was taken, with the burden on the exhibitor, parent and/or guardian to prove otherwise.

  11. I am responsible for my exhibit and I will not allow others to violate this code on my behalf. By my entering an exhibit in this fair or exhibition I will accept any disciplinary action taken by the management of the fair or exhibition for any violation of this code of ethics and any other rules of competition of the fair or exhibition without recourse against the fair or exhibition.

  12. I want my exhibit to be an example of how to accept what life has to offer, both good and not so good, and how to live with and learn from the outcome.

  13. I will not be involved in any illegal activities while participating in 4-H and FFA events, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco or drug use.

Complaint Procedure

  1. All complaints must be in writing and be accompanied by a $50 fee. This fee will be refunded in the event of a founded complaint.

  2. Complaint must be filed before 5 PM the day prior to the auction.

  3. Complaint must be filed at the fair office on the grounds.

  4. The party filing the complaint will pay any testing costs incurred.

  5. The Fair Board’s Complaint Committee will promptly investigate the complaint.

  6. The decision of the committee is final.

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