2007 Final Results

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Swine Department

Grand Champion – Matt Odland
Reserve Champion – Adalai Swanson
Champion Gilt – Adalai Swanson
Reserve Gilt – Jill Grandgeorge
Champion Barrow – Matt Odland
Reserve Barrow – Austin Rutherford
Champion Derby – Adalai Swanson
Reserve Derby – Ben Jacobsen
Grand Champion Pen of Three – Adalai Swanson
Reserve Champion Pen of Three – Brock Woodin
Showmanship: Senior Division – Brad Grandgeorge
Intermediate Division – Aaron Wagner
Junior Division – Ben Jacobsen
Champion Pork Quality - Live Placing - Ben Jacobsen
Reserve Pork Quality - Live Placing - Celeste Swanson
Champion Pork Quality - Carcass - Aaron Wagner
Reserve Pork Quality - Carcass - Justin Christensen

Live Placing
1. Ben Jacobsen
2. Celeste Swanson
3. Brock Woodin
4. Adelai Swanson
5. Alayna Watts
6. Kyle Marker
7. Matt Odland
8. Denton Sanders
9. Olivia Wattts
10. Corey Rutherford

Carcass Placing
1. Aaron Wagner
2. Justin Christianson
3. Abby Gaedke
4. Stephanie Steiner
5. Alyana Watts
6. Ben Jacobsen
7. Kyle Marker
8. Luke Odland
9. Jamie Russell
10. Corey Rutherford

Derby Carcass Placing
1. Adelai Swanson
2. Ben Jacobsen
3. Celeste Swanson
4. Alayna Watts
5. Maggie Marker
6. Kyle Marker

Derby Live Placing
1. Adelai Swanson
2. Ben Jacobsen
3. Celeste Swanson
4. Maggie Marker
5. Alayna Watts

Beef Department

Breeding Beef
Supreme Grand Champion Heifer – Blake McOllough
Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer – Lane Worden
Champion Cow/Calf - Breanna Ellis
Reserve Champion Cow/Calf - Brett Erickson
Wright County Champion Breeding Heifer  – Landon Worden
Wright Co. Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer - Andrew Tillman

Market Beef
Class 1 Winner – Kelly Hammen
Class 2 Winner – Derek McCart
Class 3 Winner – Nathan Wizoos
Class 4 Winner – Blake McOllough
Class 5 Winner – Dillon Anderson
Class 6 Winner – Ryan Anderson
Champion Market Steer – Blake McOllough
Reserve Champion Market Steer – Ryan Anderson
Champion Market Heifer – Brock Woodin
Reserve Champion Market Heifer – Eric Meyer
Supreme Grand Champ Market Beef – Blake McOllough
Supreme Reserve Grand Champ Market Beef – Ryan Anderson
Wright County Market Beef Champion – Ryan Anderson
Returning Bottle/Bucket Calf Champion – Ryan Anderson
Returning Bottle/Bucket Calf Res Champ – Emilee Johnson


Senior Division – Tyler Johnson
Intermediate Division – Kelsey Anderson
Junior Division – Colton Tate

Goat Show

Grand Champion - Rachel Martens
Reserve Champion - Rachel Martens

Intermediate - Sloan Ziller

Horse Show

Junior - Breanna Ellis
Intermediate - Sloan Ziller

Junior Grand Overall - Breanna Ellis
Junior Reserve Overall - Jaelyn Arndt
Intermediate Grand Overall - Amy Monroe
Intermediate Reserve Overall - Rachel Martens
Senior Grand Overall - Nick Martens
Senior Reserve Overall - Ashley Haugen
Halter Grand Champion - Sloan Ziller
Halter Reserve Champion - Rachel Martens

High Point Overall
Junior - Breanna Ellis
Intermediate - Amy Monroe
Senior - Nick Martens


Sheep Show

Commercial Ewe - 3000
Grand Champion - Travis Staley
Reserve Champion - Maggie Marker

Pair of Ewes - 3005
Grand Champion - Kyle Marker
Reserve Champion - Tyler Staley

Purebred Ewe - 3010
Grand Champion - Hillari Sanders

Supreme Champion - Travis Staley
Res. Supreme Champion - Rachel Wessels

Ram - 3020

Grand Champion - Eric Ausborn
Reserve Champion - Kyle Marker

Market Lamb - 3030
Grand Champion - Kyle Marker
Reserve Champion - Maggie Marker

County Champion Market Lamb - 3031
Grand Champion - Eric Ausborn
Reserve Champion - Hillari Sanders

Carcass Class - 3035
Grand Champion Live - Denton Sander
Reserve Champion Live - Tyler Staley

Draw Lamb - 3040
Grand Champion - Aaron Peterson
Reserve Champion - Halie Peterson

Commercial Lamb Pens - 3050
Grand Champion - Kelly Hammen
Reserve Champion - Katie Hammen

Yearling Purebred Ewe - 3060
Grand Champion - Rachel Wessels
Reserve Champion - Eric Ausborn

Rate of Gain - 216
1.  Stephanie Herrinton
2.  Denton Sanders
3.  Halie Peterson
4.  Chloe Ryerson
5.  Kizzie Ryerson
6.  Jamie Haugen
7.  Jamie Haugen
8.  Chloe Ryerson
9.  Kelby Ryerson
10.  Ronald Rahn

Commercial Pen - 3050
1.  Kelly Hammen
2.  Katie Hammen
3.  Meghan Hammen

Senior - Kalli Holmes
Junior - Brianne Bier
Intermediate - Sam Wenzel


Rabbit Show

Grand Champion Rabbit - Stephen McAfee
Reserve Champion Rabbit - Josh Zeiger
Grand Champion Pen of 3 Rabbits - Zach Hamilton
Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Rabbits - Joanna Kraft
Grand Champion Fancy Rabbit - Stephen McAfee
Reserve Champion Fancy Rabbit - Kevin Claubaugh
Grand Champion Single Fryer - Zach Hamilton
Reserve Champion Single Fryer - Hillari Sanders

Rabbit Showmanship
Intermediate - Zach Hamilton

Pet Show

Grand Champion Pet - Trenton Sann - dog


Layer Chickens
Grand Champion Layer: Zach Hamilton
Reserve Champion Layer: Kelly Hammen
Broiler Chickens
Grand Champion Broiler: Mikayla Dahlgren
Reserve Champion Broiler: Eric Meyer

Exotic Chickens
Grand Champion: Kelly Hammen
Reserve Champion: Austin Rutherford
Exotic Chickens Individual
Grand Champion: Corey Rutherford
Reserve Champion: Austin Rutherford
Overall Exotic Chickens
Grand Champion: Kelly Hammen
Reserve Champion: Austin Rutherford

Grand Champion: Meghan Hammen

Poultry Showmanship
Senior:  Landon Worden
Intermediate: Zach Hamilton

Open Class Horticulture

Award of Merit Winners
Division I  Vegetables: Becca Albers
Division II Fruits: Becca Albers
Division III Herbs: Jo Elberg
Division IV Annuals: Lois Lesher
Division V Perennials: Joan Baker
Division VI Bulbs: Becca Albers
Division VII Roses: Barb Ainger
Division VIII Container Plants: Jo Elberg
Division IX Arboreal: None
Division X Bouquets: None

Sweepstakes - Most blues in Division I, II, III: Becca Albers
Sweepstakes - Most blues in Division IV, V, VI, VII: Nancy Schnell
Judge's Choice - Best of Show: Jo Elberg


State Fair
Ben Jacobsen
Katlin Kurfman
Landon Worden

Ben Jacobsen
Elise Gangestad
Brenna Ellis
Stephanie Steiner
Paul Kohles
Kalli Olson

Personal Development

State Fair
Erica Meinke
Aaron Nelson

Laura Stevenson

Home Improvement

State Fair
Erin Johnson
Ashley Watne

Science, Mechanics & Engineering

State Fair
Stephanie Herringten
Austin Keller
John Holmes
Ashley Hangen
Ben Jacobsen

Paul Kohles
Adelai Swanson
Eric meyer
Jacob Christensen
Katie Holmes

Visual Arts

State Fair
Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer
Sarah Kraft
Elise Gangestad

Kari Jo Warnke

Ag & Natural Resources

State Fair
Landon Worden
Jossie Sahn

Joanna Kraft
Landon Worden


State Fair
Ashley Haugen
Ashley Haugen
Kalli Olson
Emily Kuenning

Adelai Swanson

Food Nutrition

State Fair
Chelsey Harvey
Joeseph Gangestad
Joanna Kraft
Ashley Larson

Chloe Ryerson
Ashley Haugen
Joanna Kraft
Emma Stevenson
Ashley Larson

Historical/Family Heritage

State Fair
John Kohles

Consumer Management

State Fair
Ashley Larson

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